Snowboarding is my live, joy and the rest are just details. snowboarding is fun snow sport you can jump ramp with friends and slide down the highest untouched mountains . You should learn in the very begin, carving in booth directions.
It seams very easy but if you have a bad fall it can course terrible injury.
This is a time of year when the area usually is extremely good, sunny weather is the best time to slide down the mountains and create your own avalanche.
So enjoy those videos from YouTube.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Youtube Snow Sport: TGR: The Big One

Jackson Hole is one of the rowdiest ski resorts in North America and has been a catalyst for some of the most progressive freeskiing and snowboarding in the world. Teton Gravity Research presents a 16mm film, THE BIG ONE. This film is a compilation of 10 years of TGR's most epic ski and snowboard moments at their world famous home laboratory in Jackson Hole, WY. From Paul McCollister's vision of North America's largest tram, TGR's inception in 1996, and the 10 years of off the hook action that followed, this is THE BIG ONE. Check out some of TGR's earliest stars as they reflect on the most memorable segments. "Sick" Rick Armstrong talks about the all-time huckfest during the filming of the Continuum. Micah Black sheds light on the 30-year record snowfall at Jackson Hole -- possibly our deepest footage ever. TGR co-founder Todd Jones talks about ducking ropes and poaching lines while filming the Realm. See the story, be the ball.

Youtube Snow Sport: Advanced Snow Skiing Tricks : 360 Snow Ski Trick


Extreme Snowboard Avalanches

Avalanches happen when a layer of snow is weak and can't support the weight of the snow that has fallen and settled on top of it. Avalanches can be set off by all sorts of actions including hiking or snowboarding across avalanche prone areas, sonic booms or nothing at all.

Although avalanche shoots look like great places to ride they are dangerous. Know your stuff and make sure your buddies with you do too. Also make sure you have the gear and experience to deal with the absolute worst. RIP Craig Kelly.

Sunday, January 6, 2008